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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." - Martha Graham

**QUORUM = A minimum of 4 students is required for a class to be considered OPEN.



CREATIVE MOVEMENT  (Ages 3 - 5 years)

This is a movement class where children will learn basic ballet and

music skills. Students will learn ballet class etiquette and develop muscular memory.  Technical vocabulary, tap, and tumbling will be included. 

1 hour class/once a week


PRE-BALLET  (Ages 5 - 8 years)

Pre-Ballet will prepare students for Ballet I technique. Exercises will be introduced to

strengthen the ankles, feet, back, stomach, and neck, and increase coordination. Time will be spent introducing center work and simple combinations. Students will develop spatial awareness and musical phrasing.  

Class meets one hour/once a week.


BALLET/TECHNIQUE  (Ages 7 - Adult - Placement determined at assessments)

Ballet/Technique will continue to build on the technical foundation of the dancer.  It allows the students to develop a larger technical vocabulary. Students will be introduced to beginner through more advanced steps and combinations, as well as choreography, dependent on level. Students will focus on technique and strengthening at the Barre as well as center work. Class meets one hour/once a week.



All pointe classes are designed for students with previous ballet/technique training. Students are expected to be very dedicated and disciplined, and will be required to take 2 to 3 technique classes per week. To decrease possible risk of injury, this class will be introduced only to the girls who show adequate physical strength, and accurate technique necessary. If the teacher does not feel that the student is ready to initiate a pointe class, for the student’s safety, she will not be placed in this class. Students will utilize previously learned ballet technique while working in pointe shoes. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work and across the floor combinations. These exercises focus on strengthening the feet and ankles.  Placement by audition and/or teacher recommendation*. Ballet class is required in order to take Pointe class. 

Class meets one hour/once a week.


CONTEMPORARY I   (Ages 6 - 9 years)

Contemporary I teaches basic contemporary and modern movement that strengthens the core of the dancer’s body which is required for any dance style. The class will focus on contractions, isolations, improvisation, and coordination. (Completion of this class does not automatically place students into Contemporary II)

Class meets one hour/once a week.


CONTEMPORARY II   (Ages 7 - 12 years)

Contemporary II is an intermediate level contemporary technique class.  This class' movement will begin to emphasize physical strength and intensify choreography. Knowledge of the foundations of Ballet will be a plus, but not required. (Completion of this class does not automatically place students into Contemporary III).  Contemporary I is prerequisite to Contemporary II and/or placement by teacher recommendation*.

Class meets one hour/once a week.


CONTEMPORARY III   (Ages 13 - Adult)

Contemporary III is a mix of all main contemporary and modern approaches (Cunningham, Graham, Horton, and Limon). Advanced students will explore the natural energy and emotions of the body to produce dances which are often very personal, featuring a wide variety of dance techniques. The students will focus on breathing, posture, and emotional state to establish a mind-body connection through progressions, combos, routines, and mostly on building strength, stamina, endurance, and flexibility. The aim is to achieve optimum technical aptitude. Advanced students will be perfecting placement, alignment, core support, spatial awareness, full body/mind integration, rhythmic clarity, and musicality. Student must be enrolled in Ballet/Technique class, or be approved by the teacher of this class. Placement by audition and/or teacher recommendation*.

Class meets one hour/once a week.


JAZZ /BROADWAY  (Ages 6 - Adult - Placement determined at assessments)

Jazz/Broadway  teaches the basics of jazz movement with contemporary and Broadway-style

music. Students learn isolations, stretches, across the floor jazz walks, turns and leaps, exciting choreography, and expand their jazz vocabulary. We offer multiple levels of this style.

Placement by teacher recommendation*

Class meets one hour/once a week.


TAP II   (Ages 7-12 years)

Tap II is a beginner/intermediate class. Students will explore more extensive center and across the floor work along with challenging choreography, more difficult steps, and challenging choreography. (Completion of this class does not automatically place students into Tap III)  

Class meets one hour/once a week.


TAP III  (Ages 11  - Adult)

This class is centered on rhythmic tap.  Students will be challenged both technically and artistically. This class will be fast-paced and students will be expected to pick up combinations and choreography quickly.  Perfect compliment for Triple Threat Class and/or Broadway Dance. Prerequisite:  Tap II and/or teacher recommendation.  Placement by audition and/or teacher recommendation*. 

Class meets one hour/once a week.


HIP-HOP I/TAP I Combo Class (Ages 8-12)

Hip Hop I is centered on urban styles of movement, influenced by the latest street dance. Students will explore choreography and exercises that incorporate hard hitting beats and accenting music in a rhythmic way. Students will improve musicality, muscle coordination, and muscle memory. The other half of this class combo will be Tap 1 and will focus on rhythm and making “melodies” with the feet. This class will introduce rhythmic steps and tap vocabulary.

(Completion of this class does not automatically place students into Hip Hop II) 

Class meets one hour/once a week.


HIP-HOP II (Ages 13 - Adult)

Hip Hop II will explore a variety of urban dance styles. Students will be challenged physically and mentally as they build musicality, rhythm, muscle coordination, and muscle memory. Students will have the opportunity to learn the latest hip hop moves and steps in across the floor exercises and combinations. Placement by assessment or teacher recommendation only. (Completion of this class does not automatically place students into Hip Hop III)

Class meets one hour/once a week.



Triple Threat Class at FODPA is not for just any student. This class will bring together the three disciplines of acting, singing, and dancing into a unified whole. The emphasis in these classes will be to strengthen each of the elements equally to create a well-rounded Triple Threat performer. The Triple Threat class will prepare the student to continue the tough journey of developing real craft, commitment, and the indomitable spirit of a stage actor.

Class meets one hour/once a week.


Requirements: The student needs to be enrolled in TWO of the following: a dance class, a theatre/acting class, AND/OR a voice class to qualify for auditions. Placement is by audition and/or teacher recommendation only*. 

Audition for this class requires the student to: 

1. Perform a 30-second to one-minute monologue of his/her choice (comedy, drama, or dramedy

2. Perform a short song of his/her choice. (Student pay use a backing track or sing acapella)

3. Learn and perform a small dance combo taught by one of our dance instructors. This will be done at our Onsite Registration and Assessment days. (See date and time on our website or Studio Calendar.)

The student only needs to pass two of those three auditions to be accepted in this class.


BOYS DANCE - (Ages 10 and up)

Boys Dance is exclusively for any male, of any age, at any dance level. The student will be taught a wide variety of styles and techniques. We are so excited to finally have a class for the guys to learn and build new skills together this year. This class will build strength, agility, and increase confidence. Any male who is a part of theatre or the performing arts would greatly benefit from this class. 


ACRO (Ages 8 - Adult)

This style will blend aspects of body control, flexibility, balance and athleticism while learning the precision of acrobatics along with the freedom of creative choreography. In this class, flexibility and strength is strongly required, but not necessary. Students need to know that flexibility for this style cannot be achieved over one class a week. Students will need to work on it at home.The instructor will work with each student according to their level.

Class meets one hour/once a week.


PARTNERING (Ages 13 and up)  

This class will focus on movement and choreography centered around partner work. It will require strength, trust, and communication. We will be working in pairs and group partner work, and will learn a wide variety of lifts and balance work. Primarily contemporary style dance. 

Class meets one hour/once a week.


Assigned levels will be based on age first, then the student's level of technique will be considered.


New students and students that do not know what class level they should be taking, need to be assessed. Assessments will be held at the Studio at the end of August (a week before classes start).


If you’re interested in a class marked as **CLOSED**, and you know of another 3 more students that are, let us know to see if we can open the class. 

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